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 So our first one app is Auto Rap its world widely used for rap purposes and here are above 5000 beats for rap. and you can replicate you're sound with that hence I will highly recommend this app for Download ... use it for fun provided by Deva Blog Ikram Afridi  
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 Movie fire is the best app if you like to watch movies stories comedy series and action movies and web series and you can also download these latest movies for free .this is an android app specially designed for those people who are looking for an application which is completely free and replaces stream movies, web series, and short movies from all around the world for free and to download these for free. The app gives you the option to watch your favourite media content for free anywhere. This App is amazing, and you can watch all the web series and movies for free.If you can't afford to watch premium then you should must use , this useful app provided by Deva blog by ikram. 

 3App Cloner
  App Cloner is an application for android phone users that will allow you to make copies of any app on your cell phone or smartphone, The only difference between the original and the copy is that the copy’s certificate will change automatically.. For example, YouTube app won’t run properly without the correct licensing and certification of the app. The process for cloning an app with App Cloner is fairly simple and intuitive so don't be worry. All you’ll need to do is choose the app you want to clone. change its name (i.e. if you want a copy of Twitter, the copy will be named Twitter 2 etc ), and the app’s icon colour, so it’ll be easier to find. Among the apps that you can clone there are some tops like Amazon Kindle, eBay, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Skype, Tumblr, Twitter, and LINE tiktok josh and many more. These are only just a few of the options out there for you to clone, but in general, except for a few oddities you’ll be able to clone almost any game or app you want so use. these apps to take adventage... author Ikram
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