Call of Duty has stricter regulating measures than the U.S.

Activision is taking cheaters' weapons away.

By Topic Boy

Sledgehammer Games/Activision

Activision is taking on Call of Duty cheaters in some ingenious ways in which. For one issue, it's virtually doing away with their guns. once the Ricochet anti-cheat system detects somebody who's breaking the principles, they'll lose their weapons (as well as their dignity). The cheaters cannot even defend themselves with their fists.

"We don’t expect several clips of this to search out their approach on-line, however we've got seen it in action and therefore the reactions from cheaters area unit forever valuable," the Ricochet team wrote. A diary post features a brief clip of AN doubtless solid member of the community encountering a now-harmless cheat.


The Disarm live is one in all many actions Ricochet takes against cheaters. "When a nasty actor is detected, we have a tendency to hit them with one thing from our mitigation tool chest (or all of them promptly if we’re feeling spicy) and analyze the info from the machine determined to be cheating," the team behind it wrote. "Beyond [our] mission to combat unfair play, we've got a second somewhat secret mission to bother as several cheaters as we will."

Other mitigation measures embody injury protect, that reduces the injury those that play fairly take from cheaters. "If you’re being shot and see your health slowly trickle down, you recognize it’s probably a cheat on the opposite finish of the battle," the diary post reads. The loafer could notice that their opponent has injury protect enabled. Not solely can they waste their weaponry, they'll decipher they have been caught within the act. Another mitigation technique is Cloaking. once a cheat fires at a legitimate player, the latter could become invisible to the rule-breaker.

Activision aforesaid the anti-cheat system has light-emitting diode to a "significant" come by cheaters in some respects, tho' there are "some unfortunate will increase." that is a part of the perennial cat-and-mouse battle it's in with cheaters, UN agency area unit forever searching for new exploits. Since late April, though, Activision has prohibited over one hundred eighty,000 players across both Call of Duty: Vanguard and CoD: Warzone. The Ricochet system will be utilized in a brand new interpretation of Modern Warfare II, which is able to arrive later this year.